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Latest News

Why do we use a dry cabinet?

In the wet rainy season, the ambient humidity is above 80%, humidity sensitive devices are the target of mold, the most suitable condition for mold growth humidity is 80~90% RH, In order to prevent mold breeding lies in humidity, only when humidity is controlled, mold breeding can be prevented. But if too low humidity, it will cause damage to products. In order to prevent mold breeding, but also to prevent excessive drying, so MSD must be stored in a wet dehumidification, moisture-proof environment.

Electronic products —— cameras, digital cameras and electronic components are very sensitive to humidity, for instance, once the water filled with mold in the air touches the lens surface, like a tooth worm, it gradually erodes the lens interior and causes severe damage. If the humidity is below 60% RH, mold will stop growing, according to the international camera industry association.

Mold growing articles —— the general mold in the over 60%RH environment will reproduce in large quantities, so as long as the humidity is slightly adjusted, the mold will no longer breed; However, it can not be ignored that a very small number of mold in ultra-low humidity (20% RH) environment will also reproduce. Only the use of moisture-proof cabinet can effectively eliminate all kinds of mold. Humidity regulation is often maintained in moderate humidity (45% RH) to avoid mold breeding.

So how to select the appropriate dry cabinets, the following analysis:

One: humidity control accuracy detection.

Due to the increasingly cruel competition in the moisture control cabinets market, the major manufacturers have reduced costs, which directly affects their quality. It is suggested that the brand‘s electronic drying cabinet should be used in the market for more than 10 years. Some small brand manufacturers will disappear for a few years and can not find anyone to serve.

Second: anti-static design.

Some industrial IC, electronic components and other products need high anti-static protection, but the humidity inside the low humidity cabinet is very low, it is easy to produce static electricity, which is particularly important for the design of anti-static. A surface shell spray antistatic paint is generally required to control a certain surface resistance (generally in the range of 104~1011 ohms per square).

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