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Latest News

Why we need to proceed temperature humidity test?

For every 10 ℃ increase in temperature, the reaction rate is twice to three times. This means that for every 10 ℃ increase in temperature, the life span of the product will be halved, and when the temperature rises by 20 ℃, the life span of the product will be reduced to 1/4.

High temperature will lead to aging, oxidation, evaporation, physical deformation and so on. Low temperature will lead to embrittlement, ice formation, viscosity and solidification degree, loss of mechanical strength, physical shrinkage and so on. When the product is shipped, stored and operated in the environment, it will be endangered. In addition, each product has regulatory and certification requirements, and it is important to evaluate reliability and durability before it is put on the market. In general, according to the IEC60068 test standard, it requires the volume of the laboratory to be at least five times the total volume of the sample under test. Haida constant temperature and humidity box can help you meet this demand.

Our products come in different models.

So with the fast developmement of manufacturing industry,test becomes a necessity to see wether the product is able to meet regulated standards in R&D satge,Climatest Symor specializes in handling temperature and humidity,we supply environmental test chamber to China State-owned Research Institutes and laboratories,and obtain excellent reputation from international cllients,our company put much efforts on chamber R&D ,striving to supply best-quality climate simulation equipment and after-sale service.
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