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Latest News

Winter is coming!

Winter is coming,we buy warm clothes and warm-keeping supplies for our families,even our pets,we are making good preparation,but don‘t forget to accompany your mobile phone every day.

Even if the mobile phone design is excellent,its performance will always be affected to varying degree.At this time, only reliable test data can bring perfection,the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is used to simulate various temperature and humidity environments to detect the produsts‘ ability to resist heat, cold, dry and moisture and can be applied to products such as electronic appliances, vehicles, building materials and the like,for example, a mobile phone can test whether the cold resistance of a mobile phone is good enough by simulating severe cold weather. 
Where can you find a reliable temperature humidity test chamber?this is a good question,Climatest introduces a model with perfect design,reliable function and reasonable price as below picture:
In the cold winter,climatest hopes to give you a little warm and also pls give Climatest warm at same time,let‘s make a big progress togerther through test.
We adopt well-known components and parts and the machine is guaranteed,internal design looks very clean and reliable,test is our mission:

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