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Latest News

Working principle of nitrogen purge oven

Nitrogen purging oven, can be simply understood as nitrogen-filled oven. Widely used in electronics industry (silicone rubber, spraying, semiconductor, LCM、LCD、LED、MLCC、TFT、 precision ceramics, quartz oscillator), PCB、PE、 electrolytic capacitance, rubber and plastic keyboard, computer, etc.; motor, communication, hardware, chemical, sports equipment, printing, pharmaceutical, shoe industry, auto parts and other industries baking, drying, preheating and tempering, aging and other purposes.

Characteristics of nitrogen-filled oven:

1, The oven can heat, therefore can dry, glue solidifies, dehumidifies and so on.

2. The oven can provide nitrogen (inert gas) to drive out the air in the oven, so that it can dry, solidify, dehumidify and so on in the dust-free and anaerobic (oxygen content below 100 ppm) environment, avoid the oxygen in the air to destroy the product, affect the product quality.

2.The oven can realize fast deoxygenation (nitrogen-filled vacuum oven series) and fast cooling, reduce waiting time and improve working efficiency.

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