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Latest News

Does the chips should be sealed before putting into the drying storage cabinet?

IC、BGA、QFP and other integrated circuit chips are common components in electronic products. These devices belong to MSD( damp sensitive components),  industrial moisture-proof cabinets create a low humidity environment in the cabinet, in order to prevent moisture damages to the stored chip. At this point, some professionals will have questions, vacuum sealing is good for moisture proof, so, will you need to seal chips before putting into dry storage cabinet?

In fact, the chip in the low humidity cabinet is completely unnecessary to vacuum. The premise of vacuum packaging is that the chip needs to be dried first. In the absence of moisture absorption, once the chip has been dampened, the vacuum may prevent the moisture from entering again. However, the moisture inside the chip will lead to the oxidation of the metal inside the device, and the moisture on the surface of the device will further penetrate into the chip. And put the damp chip into the industrial moisture-proof cabinet, on the one hand, the chip will stop getting damp. On the other hand, because the chip is exposed to low humidity environment, the surface moisture will be slowly released into the cabinet with the storage time, without affecting the chip.

In addition, the damp chip is placed in the ultra-low humidity environment in drying cabinet, and the moisture inside the chip will be gradually removed from the gap and the chip will be dried step by step. On the contrary, if the chip is sealed before it is put into the industrial moisture-proof cabinet, the low humidity environment of the chip and dry cabinet is completely isolated. At this point, the moisture-proof cabinet is unmeaningful to chip.

Because the dry chip in the sealed packaging bag has a continuous impact, that is, time-consuming, and no effect! The use of industrial humidity control cabinets is also skilled, in the frequent opening and closing of the factory, as far as possible to choose a fast ultra-low humidity moisture-proof cabinet, take the material time, opening and closing time is best able to have a unified standard.

Through the above introduction, you can know that the chip into the moisture-proof cabinet is not required to seal.

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