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Latest News

Evaporator and Condensor:Two Main Components of Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Evaporator and Condenser:  Main Components of Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

The evaporator and condenser are the main parts of constant temperature and humidity testing chamber.

Main function: the evaporator and condenser are mainly used to exchange heat between the refrigerant and constant temperature and humidity chamber.

Testing tools of refrigeration system: visual, water, halogen detector. Detection method: the common fault pf Evaporator, condenser is foreign bodies and leakage point, in addition to aluminum alloy fins accumulated a large amount of dust or oil dirt. When there is leakage point on this two devices, there will be oil around the leakage point.

Two-way valve for cooling system

Main function: the two-way globe valve is installed on the side of the liquid pipe in the outdoor unit pipe, which is composed of the positioning adjustment port and two vertical pipes. One of the pipes is connected to the side of the liquid pipe of the outdoor unit, and the other is connected to the pipe of the indoor unit through the expansion nut. Test method: when overhauling or installing, unscrew the stem seal cap with copper gasket, then use hexagonal wrench to twist the compression screw on the stem, close the valve hole of the stem when screwed clockwise, and open the valve hole on the contrary. After overhaul, check the stem without leakage and tighten the stem cap.

Three-way valve for cooling system

Main function: three-way valve in addition to the function of two-way globe valve, but also a process port, for the maintenance of constant temperature and humidity testing machine to provide convenience. There are two kinds of three-way globe valves, one is the three-way globe valve with valve pin in the maintenance port, which consists of a pipe connection port, an adjustment port and a maintenance port, and the four ports are perpendicular to each other. If the stem moves down to the closed position, the pipe is disconnected from the outdoor unit line. Test method: use soapy water to detect leakage at process port, valve core and pipe interface.

Dry filter for cooling system 

Main functions: the drying filter is used to absorb the moisture in the system, to block the impurities in the system so that it can not pass through, and to prevent ice and dirty plugging in the refrigeration system pipeline. Since the most easily blocked part of the system is the capillary, the drying filter is usually installed between the condenser and the capillary. The shell of the drying filter is formed by copper tube, and the metal filament or porous metal plate is installed inside, which can effectively filter impurities.

Temperature and humidity cycle chamber cooling system testing tools: visual.

Test method: observe whether the surface of dry filter is frosted. Note: dry filter uses molecules with good moisture absorption characteristics as desiccant to absorb moisture in refrigerant. When desiccant due to excessive water absorption failure, should be replaced.

Common faults: the metal powder caused by mechanical wear produced by refrigeration system press and the obstruction of filter caused by some welding slag and dirt in frozen oil in pipe, the refrigerant cycle is blocked.

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