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Latest News

How to add water into constant temperature and humidity test chamber?

How to add water into constant temperature and humidity test chamber?

The constant temperature and humidity test chamber includes temperature and humidity test, how to fill in water correctly is one of the key factors in the test. So, customers should know what matters for attention?

1. the temperature and humidity test chamber water level value design is intelligent, in the controller interface,you can see the water level, when the display meter reaches 90% water level, you can stop adding water.

2. the first use of constant temperature and humidity chamber, the operation is normal, but in the setting alarm prompt "water shortage protection ". Because of the first use of the equipment humidification pipe without water, water shortage caused. In this case, only two minutes of normal operation, so that the water is fully reflux in the pipeline, and then start setting up work. At the same time, when doing humidity test, the clean state of wet cloth and the water shortage state of wet cloth slot should be detected.

3. under normal condition, constant temperature and humidity box water injection can achieve the desired humidity effect. However, if tap water is used as humidity water for a long time, it is easy to produce scale in the water pipe, and the impurities in tap water will be adsorbed to the surface of the product, and the water tank will not be clean, so it is necessary to replace tap water frequently and clean the water tank. Of course, using distilled water and bottled water will also greatly avoid scale phenomenon.

High and low temperature humidity test chamber humidification matters needing attention:

The higher the resistivity of constant temperature and humidity chamber, the better the insulation of water .(the reciprocal of resistivity is conductivity, the smaller the conductivity is), the humidified medium is water, the larger the humidified particles are. If humidity is required for a long time, the service life of humidity sensor will be affected (humidity sensor: generally divided into capacitive sensor, sensor). But if the water quality is poor, it may make the humidity sensor short circuit.

In addition, the humidifier has a water level switch, the float of the water level switch is a magnetic rod in the middle, and the float material is a non-imitating oxidation material. So often do not change water will cause water level switch short circuit, resulting in no humidification or always humidification phenomenon

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