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Latest News

How to distinguish industrial baking oven and food baking oven?

How to distinguish industrial baking oven and food baking oven,today Climatest will give a detailed description here.
Since we promoted our products on different business platform online,many customers are feel excited to inquire us that they wanna buy the baking oven for goose,cookies,turkey,etc.that make us feel headache,we feel sorry and explain to them that our baking oven is not suitable for home and commercial use,it is for industrial baking.

There are following aspects that help you to identify:
1. Apperance and Dimension
Normally the food baking oven dimension is smaller,you can see it everywhere on B2C shopping platforms,but industrial baking oven is not,its dimension is bigger,and it looks quite different.

Normally food baking oven is an auxiliary tool for delicious food making at home,such as cookie,goose,chicken wing,industrial oven is a must instrument in manufacturing process,widely used in electronic components drying,plastic chemical,high temperature stress,or the baking of optical lens,optical glasses during manufacturing.

Industrial drying/baking oven

Food drying/baking oven
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