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Latest News

How to fill water into temperature humidity test chamber?(2/2)

Last time, we explained to you the way of adding water to the standard temperature and humidity test chamber. In fact, Climatest Symor wants to tell you that humidity is not only the most important thing in the chamber, but also the temperature. We should not only pay attention to humidity and ignore the temperature in the process of using. The following we then introduces the method of adding water to the temperature and humidity test chamber.

In order to facilitate customers to add water, our temperature and humidity test chamber is to place the water tank at back of the equipment.Just open the baffle to see the water tank and the water level meter next to the tank,then add enough water to the tank. However, in addition to manual water addition, our  temperature and humidity test chamber has equipment that can automatically add water. Only by connecting the water pipe at the water filling port can it be automatically replenished when there is a shortage of water, which is suitable for high humidity test for a long time.
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