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Latest News

How to solve temperature overshoot in temperature and humidity chamber?

Users seldom meet problems during the use of temperature and humidity chamber,even small problems are rare, of course, this is related to the manufacturing technique of manufacturers, use notice also have a certain relationship, but some temperature and humidity test chamber will appear temperature overshoot,how to solve this situation? Temperature and humidity chamber is an important climate simulation equipment.

 Temperature overshoot refers to the phenomenon that the working studio temperature exceeds the set temperature by 3℃ and then slowly decreases and stabilizes on the set temperature. The reliability of the temperature and humidity test chamber undoubtedly plays an important role in the whole test results. Some test products are very precise, and excessive temperature overshoot may affect its precision. The following phenomena belong to the normal temperature impulse phenomenon:
1.consistent with the temperature deviation requirements of the corresponding ±2℃
2.require that the overshoot of the test chamber be proportional to the temperature value of the test point. For example, the temperature overshoot of 0- 100℃ does not exceed 2% of the test point.

The controller of the constant temperaturechamber is easy to realize for adjusting the control accuracy, and has the function of automatic calculus, programmable and massive storage of historical data and curves. When the temperature overshoot exceeds the standard range, it is necessary to contact the manufacturer to correct it in time, or to ask the third party metrology institute to correct it. When the temperature overshoot is too large, it is caused by improper accessories and manufacturing technology of the manufacturer of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber.

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