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Latest News

Laboratory Safety Problems and Solutions(4/4)

Countermeasures for laboratory safety management.
1.Improve laboratory safety management system, clear responsibility
Establish a special safety management system,with clear safety management level and safety responsibility.

2.Attaching importance to the basic safety work and strengthening the standard safety construction
Actions should be taken from following aspects:
(1) Standardization of laboratory safety operation organization and management. It is mainly to formulate the detailed and operable management standards of the whole process of laboratory safety management aiming at the safe operation of the laboratory.
(2) Standardization of laboratory safety conditions. The main purpose is to ensure the laboratory house and water, electricity, gas and other pipeline facilities specification, laboratory equipment and all kinds of accessories are in good condition, the laboratory site layout is reasonable, the passage is smooth, the laboratory safety standard is complete, eye-catching and intuitionistic. Laboratory safety protection facilities and alarm devices are complete and reliable.
(3) Standardization of laboratory safety operation. Mainly for each laboratory of a single experiment or high-grade instruments and equipment to develop operating procedures and management specifications, to achieve standard and standardized operation.
(4) the institutionalization of laboratory safety education. Carry on the necessary safety education work in the laboratory regularly, achieve "make the plan well in advance, prevent the trouble before." At the same time, do a good job of laboratory safety notification work.

3. Increase the investment of laboratory safety facilities, improve the safety factor
Increase investment on 
safety facilities in the existing laboratory in fire prevention, explosion, anti-virus, anti-theft, radiation, anti-infection,according to the specific situation of laboratory risk factors, update, transformation, equipped with necessary labor protection facilities and supplies, installation of necessary experimental fire protection, ventilation, explosion-proof facilities, in order to detect hidden dangers as early as possible and prevent accidents.

4. Strengthening laboratory safety education and safety training
Safety education is a preventive work to prevent accidents. Laboratory management should pay full attention to laboratory safety education, formulate safety education system and long-term safety education and training plan, increase the investment of laboratory safety education, organize the training of teachers and students who enter the laboratory work regularly, strengthen safety awareness and do a good job of safety management. It is suggested that safety education web pages should be set up, safety education columns should be opened, safety education lectures should be organized regularly, some fire fighting and self-rescue exercises should be carried out, the safety technical level of relevant personnel should be continuously improved, and the emergency handling methods of accidents should be mastered skillfully, so that every person who works and studies in the laboratory has the ability to deal with emergencies.
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