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Latest News

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is coming. At this time of year, people,especially children are looking forward to Christmas because there are a lot of fun activities and it is a time for families reunification,every person come home and celebrate it together.
Christmas is mainly a religious holiday, which is a very important holiday for Christian. Christmas is the birthday of Jesus Christ. Although there is no detailed record in the Bible about the specific birth date of Jesus, it is now recognized that it is December 25, Jesus was born in a Jewish town called Bethlehem, born by the Virgin Mary because of the Holy Spirit. The Christmas tree first appeared in Germany, and the Germans put the evergreen pine and cypress trees in the house and arranged them as Christmas trees. Later, Martin Luther put the candle on the brown branches in the woods, and then lit the candle, which looked like a lighthouse to guide people.

Strictly speaking,Christmas is a holiday for Christian,they pray and sing psalm in the churches to memorize Jesus,but now,it is popular everywhere in the world,there are wonderful decoration and discount in the shopping mall.

Climatest wish all employees and customers a happy Christmas and a happy New Year. We are very grateful for your support over the past year.

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