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Latest News

Precautions before Use of Constant Temperature and Humidity Chamber

With the development and technical renewal of constant temperature and humidity testing cabinet, the testing equipment is more and more favored by laboratories, scientific research institutions and other units. And when the customer receives the temperature humidity chamber, before the operation, in fact, need to check whether the settings are correct, what are the specific settings? Let‘s take a look.

First, when the testing machine is placed after the test site, check whether the installation of power lines, whether the grounding have been done.

Second, the testing machine needs to add water before use to see if the water is sufficient and whether the water tank cover is covered.

Third, Please check whether the overtemperature protection switch is set at 150℃. The gauze should be removed when only temperature test is done. If the gauze runs at high temperature above 85℃, the gauze should be replaced before the next operation, otherwise it may not be able to absorb water. Wash your hands first when changing gauze.

Fourth, whether the wet ball gauze of the testing machine is positioned correctly, and whether the humidity sensor has been wetted.

The above four points are a few points to pay attention to before using the newly bought a temperature and humidity tester. If it is used directly after purchase, it may cause the failure of the testing machine, which is very serious.

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