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Latest News

Safe use notices of forced convection dry oven(2/2)

5. Power-off and Take out samples: sampling with heat-insulated gloves.
Notes: 1)The oven door shall be opened slowly at the time of sampling, and the oven door shall not be opened quickly or rapidly in the high temperature state; 2)when sampling, the head is prevented from directly facing the opening of the box door, the heat in the box needs to be lost for 10 seconds, and the sample can be sampled; 3)the sample in the oven is taken away on time, Make sure there is no sample residue in the oven. the waste sample is not disposable on the periphery of the oven; 4)After the sampling is finished, close the box door in time (if it needs to be used continuously, the above 4 points shall be confirmed again).

Safety precautions
[1] The equipment belongs to high-power high-temperature equipment. It is safe to use and prevent fire, electric shock and scald.
[2] The equipment shall be placed in an indoor dry, horizontal position to prevent vibration. The power cord shall not be arranged beside the metal object, and shall not be placed in the wet environment, so as to avoid the leakage caused by the aging of the rubber.
[3] It is strictly forbidden to stay around the equipment, such as low ignition point and acid corrosion, such as flammable and explosive, etc. (for example, organic solvent, compressed gas, oil basin, oil drum, cotton yarn, cloth, adhesive tape, plastic, paper, etc.).
[4] Flammable, explosive, acid, volatile and corrosive articles are strictly prohibited from entering the box. Note: In case of uncertain baking material properties, it is forbidden to bake it until it is confirmed by the R & D personnel. Otherwise, it is strictly prohibited to bake itself. The common flammable materials such as paper, label, rubber bottle, plastic cup, etc. are prohibited from entering the box.
[5] In order to prevent scald, special tools such as gloves shall be worn when taking and placing articles.
[6] The oven shall not be used for washing, paint scraping and alcohol spraying in the oven at the time of operation.
[7] Do not store items in the oven, such as tools, equipment parts and oil, alcohol volatiles, etc.
[8] The transparent window of the oven can not be wiped with an organic solvent, and it is not scratched by the sharp object, and it needs to be kept clean and transparent.
[9] The door lock with adjustable tightness of the oven is adjusted to be suitable, so that the oven is free from air leakage and cross wind in the working state.
[10] Pay attention to the safety of electric power, and install the power switch with sufficient capacity according to the power consumption of the oven. Select the power supply conductor with sufficient cross-section and shall have a good grounding wire. Before use, check the automatic control device to indicate whether the signal is sensitive and effective, and whether the electrical line insulation is in good condition and reliable.
[11] Check the circuit system for good connection.
[12] Check whether the operation of the fan is normal or not, and if there is abnormal sound, immediately close the machine to check and repair.
[13] Check whether the air vent of the hot air circulation oven is blocked and clean the accumulated dust in time.
[14] Check whether the temperature controller is accurate or not. If the temperature controller is not accurate, please adjust the temperature controller or replace it.
[15] Check whether the heat pipe is damaged or the steam pipeline has no leakage, and whether the line is aged or not.
[16] In case of a sudden power failure, the power switch and the heating switch of the oven shall be turned off in time, and when the incoming call is prevented, the heating shall be started automatically, resulting in serious consequences.

[17] Once the temperature control of the oven fails, the material temperature in the oven is too high to self-ignite, and the following operation is required:
(1) Close the heating switch and turn off the power supply immediately;
(2) The oven door shall not be opened (in case of oxygen, i.e., combustion), and the alarm shall be given to the relevant department;
(3) External forced cooling shall be carried out, and the on-site fire-fighting equipment shall be used for fighting if there is an open fire. When the open fire is put out, attention shall be paid to the prevention of re-ignition;
(4) In the power-on state, it is important to remember to touch the electrical parts of the box body by hand, and remember to use the wet cloth and water to put out the fire and the ice cream.

[18] The vacuum oven is forbidden to use in unattended condition or non-working time. If the special situation needs to be used, it is necessary to obtain the consent of the superior and arrange special personnel to take care of it.
[19] The person in charge of the instrument receives the abnormal information of personnel feedback, and it is necessary to contact the machine repair, electrician, procurement and other equipment for maintenance and repair.
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