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Latest News

Selection of high and low temperature test chamber

High and low temperature test chamber are widely used in many industries, so the equipment plays an important role in the whole environmental simulation industry. Many manufacturers produce this kind of environmental testing equipment in China and abroad, although there many selections, but the quality of the product is uneven,some good and some bad. So how to choose the right equipment? let us introduce you.

The high and low temperature test chamber is divided into constant temperature test chamber and alternating temperature test chamber. The biggest difference between them is the difference of control mode. The ordinary high and low temperature test chamber is generally with constant temperature setting. Its control mode is: set a target temperature, the equipment has the ability to automatically constant temperature to the target temperature.

The high and low temperature alternating test chamber also need to be set, but you can set many programs. The chamber can complete the experiment process according to the preset curve, and can control heating and cooling rate according to the slope of the set curve.

Although the high and low temperature alternating test chamber has the function of preset temperature, the manufacturing cost is relatively high, because it needs to be equipped with curve automatic recording device, program controller, and the problem of opening refrigerant in the high temperature status, all these increase the total cost, so our users should seek truth from facts when choosing, and choose their desired suitable test chamber according to the need of the specific test method.

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