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Latest News

Something about Rain test chamber IP chamber

Rain test chamber is suitable for the protection of aerospace, automobile, household appliances, external lighting and signal devices and automobile lighting. The rain test is divided into Oscillating type and Spray head type ,we will introduce the features and purpose of Rain test chamber.

First,Purpose of the test:
1. Evaluate wether rain spray will effect the system function
2. Physical damage caused by rain shower;
3. The ability of the equipment after the continuous rain exposure;
4. The protective enclosure sealing performance
Second, the technical characteristics:
1, the advanced control system, as well as the adoption of frequency conversion technology, so that the rainfall, the rotation angle of the test frame, the swing angle of the water spray swing rod, the amount of water injection and the swing frequency can be adjusted automatically.
2, more than 1000 rainholes are evenly arranged on the roof, which makes the dripping distribution very uniform.
3. Using scientific design, the equipment can provide realistic simulation of dripping, drenching, splashing, spraying and other environments.

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