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Latest News

The maintenance and connection process of constant temperature and humidity test chamber

Many manufacturers produce three-phase five-wire power lines, consisting of three phase lines plus a zero line and a ground wire. To determine whether the diameter of the external power supply and the capacity of the main switch meet the actual requirements of the equipment, and then to detect the normal stability of the power supply voltage through a multimeter, it is usually allowed to ± a deviation of 10% RH. If the deviation is too large, install a voltage regulator.

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber is a precision test equipment. In order to ensure that each test process can be completed smoothly, the power supply must be stable at about 380 V to ensure that the compressor will not be damaged. In addition, to ensure the personal safety of electrical personnel, then before wiring to understand the specific operation methods:

Adjust or replace connection power. After checking that there is no problem with the power supply voltage to be connected, the zero line head must be connected to the zero line terminal in the distribution box to ensure the zero line docking, otherwise it may may not work normally or burn out the electrical components.

After the zero line is connected, the three phase lines are connected to the three terminals under the main switch of the distribution box of the constant temperature and humidity test box and the screws are tightened. We need to connect the ground wire, the connection method and other power cord connection mode is the same, directly connected to the distribution box ground wire terminal. In the process of connecting each power cord, we should ensure that we can accurately recognize what the power cord of different colors represents, and avoid the connection error can not be tested normally.

Maintenance of constant temperature and humidity test chamber:

1.Water circulation system cleaning, cleaning water filter, replacement filter, check the operation of the pump including water flow switch operation is good, adjust water circulation flow, test operation.

2.Check all electrical wiring and electrical components to ensure reliable operation and good contact.

3.Replace the fresh air filter.

4.Refrigeration system cleaning: replacement of frozen oil, cleaning oil filter.

5.Inspection of breakable parts of refrigeration system: check the sealing condition of compressor and connection assembly and replace all filters.

6. Refrigeration System Leak Checking: Check for leakage and fastening of all connecting parts of the refrigeration system and valve plate connections,

7.Supplement refrigerant according to working conditions: check whether system refrigerant needs to be replenished to ensure effective refrigeration power.

8.System integrated operation: check whether the operating parts are in good condition.

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