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Latest News

Understand the usage of humidity controlled cabinet

1. humidity controlled cabinet shall be placed on a horizontal and solid surface, No debris around, Do not be less than 30 cm distance from wall
2. adjust the shelves height of the humidity controlled cabinet and place items according to the load range of each shelf.
3. don‘t put humidity controlled cabinet in the direct airflow position, such as air conditioning outlet, high temperature place.
4. don‘t put the humidity controlled cabinet in direct sunlight, smoke, water vapor.
5. plug in all the power lines according to the instructions, And plug in 110V/220V/240V power supply.

6. humidity can set up and down button, Set the humidity to the desired value.
7. used again after first power on or long unused, The empty humidity controlled cabinet should run for more than 12 hours, and confirm the humidity drop to lower level.
8. if the dehumidifier outlet stains, wipe it gently with a clean towel, Do not use wet towels or water washing. If the air outlet is heavily stained, Please call after-sale to help you deal with it.
9. the electronic humidity controlled cabinet needs to do regular cleaning, When cleaning the moisture control cabinet, Unplug the plug, Wipe the inner and outer surfaces of the humidity controlled cabinet with a clean alcohol cloth, It is forbidden to wash it with water. If you scrub it with detergent, After cleaning the detergent with a clean wet cloth, You must dry the water with a dry cloth. When cleaning, Be careful not to impact dehumidifier and temperature humidity detection device.
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