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Latest News

Usual maintenance of UV aging test chamber

The ultraviolet aging test chamber uses fluorescent ultraviolet lamps as the light source. By simulating the ultraviolet radiation and condensation in the natural sunlight, this aging test is carried out to obtain the results of the weather resistance on the material. The UV, rain, high temperature, high humidity, condensation, darkness and other environmental conditions in the natural climate can all be simulated. By recreating these conditions in a chamber, they can be combined into a cycle, and it can be executed automatically to complete the cycle times.
In order to enable the UV-aging test machine work better, keep in good condition for a long time, please follow below items for usual maintenance:
1. If the UV aging test machine is in a non-working condition, keep it dry and disconnect the power supply.
2. After the test, remove the water in the testing machine, and dry the working chamber and the chamber body.
3. After use, remember to put the plastic cover on the outer cover, so as to avoid dust intrusion. If there is any dust, it shall be removed in time.
4. The sensing device in the working chamber shall not be subjected to strong impact;
5. The ultraviolet aging test chamber shall be placed in a well-ventilated place (it is recommended to install the ventilation fan, keep the indoor ventilation), and the cutting-off shall not be installed in a dusty place;
6. Do not assemble or disassemble without permission;
7. If the equipment has no been used for a long time, and the water source, power supply and components shall be carefully checked before re-use. After the test box is confirmed to be correct,you can start it.
8. The operator s/b equipped with a protective eye goggles, and the ultraviolet radiation has a strong harm to personnel (especially the eyes). Therefore, the operator shall minimize the exposure to ultraviolet (the contact time shall be less than 1 min);

9. The chemical is prohibited from coming into contact with the ultraviolet aging test chamber; (away from the combustible and explosive);
10. The wastewater discharge system of the UV chamber must be installed in place;
11, The sample shall be taken out after each test, and the inner body of the ultraviolet aging test chamber shall be cleaned;
12. After use, remember to remove the plastic cover, if there is dust, clean it in time, keep the appearance of the box clean, and prevent dust from entering the body.
If you meet any problems during operation of the UV aging chamber,pls call us or send mails to,we will settle it at qucikest time.
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