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Latest News

Water requirements for constant temperature and humidity test chamber

If materials need to be tested in wet environment, then constant temperature and humidity test chamber is a must, so water will be used. But the quality of water will also affect the equipment, it may cause harm to the equipment, the following is what to pay attention regarding constant temperature and humidity box test chamber.

The greater the resistivity, the better the water insulation (the reciprocal of the resistivity is the conductivity, the smaller the conductivity, the better). The humidifier of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber,it  is humidified by the shallow surface evaporative, and the humidifying medium is water. Because the humidifying particles with common water are relatively large and the humidity experiment is carried out for a long time, the service life of the sensor in the humidity constant temperature and humidity chamber will inevitably be affected, which may lead to the short circuit of the humidity sensor. To this end, the experimental water requirements are relatively strict, still choose pure water or deoxygenated ion water.

The use of purified water in the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is beneficial to the smooth progress of the experiment. But it is possible to use general tap water, it is better to use water with better insulation. The humidity of tap water can meet the needs of the experimental, but if tap water is used as humidity water for a long time, it is very simple to produce scale in the water pipe, and the impurities in tap water will also adsorb to the appearance of the product, and the water tank will be unclean. But when you use pure water or distilled water, and then set up backwater reuse, the cost will not be too much, water pipes, water tanks, waterways are better, will not cause humidity sensor short circuit. Of course, if you can change and wash natural water frequently, it will not cause too much damage to the equipment.

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