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Latest News

What are the requirements of salt spray test chamber for water?

You prepare to buy a salt spray test chamber, but do not understand what are the requirements of salt spray test chamber for water,Climatest will tell you how to do.

To understand this, we first need to understand the principle and structure of the salt spray test chamber.
First, salt spray test chamber is a kind of reliability testing equopment,which is used to detect the corrosion resistance of hardware, electronics and other materials. Its main working principle is to heat water through heating pipe, spray brine solution or acid solution out of nozzle evenly through a certain pressure, and spray it to the surface of material in order to achieve the test effect.
Second, what are the requirements of the salt spray test chamber for water? When we do the test, we must use water, so what kind of water can we use to achieve the best test effect? well, we should understand one of its structural characteristics. There are two places in the salt spray test chamber, one is the test chamber, the other is the pressure bucket. Generally speaking, the water tested is mainly to prevent the heating pipe from burning out the chamber, which can not be used decisively for the test. We can use our general tap water, the water in the pressure bucket must use pure water, because there will be some impurities in the tap water, it is easy to block the nozzle, the nozzle is easy to break, so the pressure bucket must use pure static water, and the sodium chloride used should also choose better salt that is not easy to crystal. Salt crystallization is also easy to block nozzles.

Third, specification parameters: relative humidity: 85%; brine concentration: 5%; laboratory capacity: pls refer to our spec. on page:; salt water bucket capacity: 25 L; Ambient temperature: 35 ℃ ±1 ℃ / 50 ℃ ±1 ℃; pressure barrel temperature: 47 ℃ ±1 ℃ / 63 ℃ ±1 ℃; spray volume (m1/80cm / h) 1.0 ≤ 2.0; power supply: 220V/380V, 50/60Hz, current 10A
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