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Latest News

What are the working systems in the constant temperature and humidity test chamber?

The key of intelligent constant temperature and humidity test chamber is composed of five main working system software, each working system software is automatic control system, refrigeration unit, temperature system software, heating system software, gas breathing system and controller. . The five main system software looks simple, but they reflect the value of a temperature humidity test chamber.

(1) Automatic control system: it is the key to the temperature humidity chamber, which determines the key index values, such as the heating speed and accuracy. At present, most control panels on the chamber use PID operations, while a small number of operations consist of PID and fuzzy control. Because of the automatic control system, this part is usually not easy to have problems in the whole application process.

(2) Refrigeration system: one of the key components of the temperature humidity chamber. The cooling mode is mechanical refrigeration and auxiliary liquid nitrogen refrigeration. Mechanical refrigeration uses steam compression refrigeration. They are mainly composed of compressors, condensers, throttling mechanisms and evaporators. Because the low temperature must reach -55℃, it is difficult to meet the requirement of single stage refrigeration, so the cooling mode of the test box is generally cascade refrigeration.

3)Temperature system software: divided into two subsystems: humidification and dehumidification. The humidification method of constant temperature and humidity test chamber generally adopts steam humidification method, and the bottom pressure steam is immediately introduced into the working area for humidification. This humidification method has the ability to work faster and the humidification operation is dexterous, especially when the temperature decreases, it is easy to maintain forced humidification.

(4) Heating system: the heating system of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is relatively simple compared with the refrigeration system. It is mainly composed of high power resistance wire. Because of the large heating rate required, the power of the heating system is relatively large, and a heater is also provided on the bottom plate of the climatic chamber.

(5). The air circulation system of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber: the desiccant dehumidifier uses the air pump to extract and inject the air in the test chamber into the dry air, and at the same time, the wet air is fed into the recyclable dryer for drying. After that, send it to the test room and repeat dehumidification in this way.

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